Logo Design
Various logos from the last year.
Pretty Please version #1
This logo is for a creative company that makes party favors for baby showers, decorations, etc. 
Pretty Please version #2
Pretty Please version #3 and Final with the darker green.
Gimme Sugar logo
Ashley makes themed and intricately designed cakes.
Community Worship Church drafts, inks, and lettering.
These are sketches of ways to represent a caring church - this church wanted to emphasize community service in a poor area of Tennessee.
Community Worship Church final.
The circular logo can also be separated for print materials and t-shirts.
A drawing of a boy brandishing a wooden sword. This was rejected for a different project, but ended up being a perfect start to a logo for Cape Up, a website in-the-works. It's a website that will showcase different volunteer and charity causes, with a superhero theme.
A full body sketch for the Cape Up boy / logo.
A comparison of detail in the cape. 
The final logo for Cape Up.
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