The Amazing Niece and Nephews Comics
Christmas present to niece and nephews: their own comic books, where they are the super heroes!
For Christmas 2010, I had the amazing idea to create comics for my older niece and nephews. I got a few details over a few months, trying not to give the whole thing away. 
Original plan was to independently print each of them an first "original story" issue and give them a character t-shirt. 
What I got done by that Christmas was each of their prologues and their t-shirt. 
I am both a cool and terrible aunt. I haven't forgotten about these...
These comics were written, drawn, inked, and grayscaled by me. 
I was also attempting to tell their stories with no dialogue, only sound effects. 
requested special ability: Super strength and ability to turn his skin into metal
requested colors: Green and orange
requested special ability: Bend and stretch, kind of like Mr. Fantastic but different
requested colors: Pink and lime green
requested special ability: Become invisible
requested colors: Red and blue
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